If you want to feel safe, get a better lock

You would feel insecure and dead on your feet if your house or safe were broken into. Believe me; we are here to remedy that only. A good lock is a safe lock. And if you are looking for one good one, we have numerous locks just as good and some items even better to ensure there isn’t any privacy breach. We have the best padlocks, cabinet locks, and cam locks of the best quality.

Cam and Cabinet Locks

Cabinet locks upon installation tend to improve the absolute security of your home or office. We provide a durable range of security solutions in Singapore’s cabinet, cam, and electronic cabinet locks.

Locks are essential for a household or official workplace as they increase the security factor exponentially. Cabinet locks are the solution for subtle safety mechanics you can use to keep your private things intact.

Cam locks are fasteners in cylindrical shapes. They protect the interior of the safe or cabinet without affecting anything outside the cabinet. They can also be sued for main doors and room doors in an office or household.


Locks are essential when it comes to the security of your belongings. Locker & Lock provides you with multiple types of locks in multiple ranges to ensure you get the lock you want: several combination locks, subtle retrofit keyless locks, and smart door locks to browse through. You can shop for anything you like. And it is premium quality.

Be safe!

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