This Council for Third Age (C3A) since its noble beginnings in 2007 has come a long way. As an agency, it promotes active ageing in Singapore with the help of various partnerships and outreach communities over the years and also helped to strengthen the mindset of the public of active ageing as a way of life, especially in the period that is after middle age and before old age, when people are still active.

This Council for Third Age, C3A, is an agency which encourages active ageing in Singapore by providing public education, services and partnerships. As a central coordinating organization in the healthy ageing landscape, with the main focus on learning for a lifetime, senior unpaid workers, and active ageing. This agency works with associates to help seniors to live full, dynamic and understand that life itself is meaningful.

C3A is the administrative controller of the National Silver Academy and the Silver Volunteer Fund as part of the initiatives under the Action Plan for advance Ageing.

With the help of certain initiatives and different platforms, this agency self discovers and strengthens its different dimensions of wellness in its journey of positive ageing. This agency aims to generate a vibrant developing Singapore where seniors can take part as integral members of society.

Vision and Mission of this council.

To look after a society where old or aged people live full, energetic and meaningful life i.e a life in which one feels connected to purpose, engaged and able to connect gifts and passions with utmost values which becomes a part of happiness with the mission to make active ageing a happy journey of life.